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Awareness of allergies is on the rise. The ECARF Institute offers institutions, services, industrial, trade and business enterprises, and associations and ministries a single source of expertise on allergy-related issues. The ECARF Institute inspects products and services, supports and advises companies across sectors and provides training.

The ECARF Institute is a 100% subsidiary of the non-profit ECARF Foundation and was founded in 2010. We are located in the heart of Berlin close to Allergie-Centrum-Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Profits generated by the ECARF Institute are channelled entirely into the non-profit work of the ECARF Foundation.

Goals and operating principles

The ECARF Institute is subject to the goals of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) and therefore guarantees a high level of scientific expertise and independence. An experienced team of interdisciplinary experts ensures reliability, medically tested quality, and information that can be applied in everyday life. The work of the ECARF Institute aims to transition research and science into practice in order to enhance the quality of life of allergy sufferers.


In close cooperation with experienced scientists such as allergy specialists, dermatologists, nutritional scientists from leading university clinics and performance centres in and outside of Europe, ECARF combines expertise and excellence in the inspection of products and services and in training, consulting and product development. This allows us to work across countries and sectors in a way that addresses global issues and creates diverse opportunities for the future.

The ECARF Foundation

The consequences of allergies on health and quality of life have a strong impact on many people. With estimated costs of €100 billion annually in Europe alone, allergies such as allergic asthma, food allergies, insect venom allergies and drug allergies have become a major challenge in terms of health policy.

The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) is pushing for change at the national and international level. Its defined goal is to contribute to making the lives of allergy sufferers easier and reducing the burden of their symptoms through ongoing research and education. For more information on the ECARF Foundation, please go to: www.ecarf.org


Dr Andrea Jahnen is the Managing Director of the ECARF Institute. She has successfully managed several companies in the life sciences sector in the past. Before joining the ECARF Institute in 2013, she was the managing director at an eHealth company, which she co-developed for more than 10 years since its founding.

Prior to that, the nutritional science graduate was responsible for the transfer of technology to the economy and outsourcing with a focus on business development at a university of applied sciences.




We work closely with our customers in a relationship of trust. Our customers include major manufacturing companies as well as successful small and medium-sized businesses. These are active both nationally and internationally as the producers of goods or service providers.