Allergy expertise

The ECARF Institute, founded in 2010, is located very close to the Allergie-Centrum-Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin in Germany, and is active throughout Europe.

Our activity focuses on inspection, certification, training and consulting on allergy-related matters. Our customers and cooperation partners come from a wide range of different industry sectors and institutions, which reflects the widespread nature of allergies today.


Our expertise on allergy-related matters that concern every aspect of life in our society is based on university medical studies and practical experience with the needs and requirements of allergy sufferers. Our clearly defined range of allergy-related services offers expertise under one roof.


Product database

The ECARF Seal of Quality has been granted to a wide range of different products, services and municipalities. Our database includes all valid seal holders. All products, services and municipalities certified by the ECARF Foundation must be recertified after a period of two years.


Seal & Criteria

The ECARF Seal of Quality has been awarded to allergy-friendly products and services since 2006. Seal holders include consumer goods such as cosmetics, washing or cleaning products, clothing, technological products and services, such as those offered by hotels and restaurants.