Our goal is to promote the knowledge and understanding of allergy-related matters within many different areas of life. Based on our specific expertise, we offer training and further education opportunities on current major allergy topics for representatives from all relevant sectors. Our allergy experts and instructors share their diverse, scientifically supported knowledge in organised training events. We offer training opportunities such as seminars, on-site training and eLearning.

Further education

We provide further education with the objective of promoting knowledge and understanding of allergy-related matters within many different sectors and areas of life. Because information in the healthcare sector is constantly evolving, our body of knowledge needs to be regularly updated and adapted. With this in mind, we offer further education sessions on allergies that provide the latest available information on allergy research. Certificates can be obtained from some of these sessions.

In-house training

We provide individualised staff training in allergy-related areas such as support for the implementation of allergy-friendly measures in the service sector. These training sessions are developed in collaboration with allergy specialists, dermatologists and/or nutritionists, depending on the subject and scope of the work. The sessions can be integrated into existing training programmes and prepared as in-house training.


We offer highly qualified, professional seminars oriented towards practice on allergy-related topics at our Berlin location (or at the premises of the requesting organisation).

The seminars are targeted at all educational levels within the healthcare sector and are held in collaboration with medical practitioners and allergy experts.