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Take advantage of our unique expertise and practical knowledge. We are experts in allergies and allergic diseases. We have in-depth knowledge about the specific needs of people with allergies. Based on this scientific background, we develop inspection procedures and study designs, and conduct clinical studies with allergy sufferers. From our many years of experience, we know what the key considerations are for product development and what your target group expects from you as a company.


We can advise you on product certification and new product development. We can help you better understand the allergy target group.


Inspections and studies are conducted according to the given product or service. Clinical studies are carried out on cosmetics and cleaning products, while product tests are carried out on technological devices.


After your allergy-friendly product or service has passed inspection, it is certified with the ECARF Seal.

Unique testing methods

Using our Allergen Exposure Chamber (AEC) as an example, we will show you how tests are carried out at our institute.

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